About Us

The company is established with the understanding that the basis of business is the process of jointly creating value with the client. That’s why the solutions we offer are not just good for everyone. They bring the user unique value according to his needs.

Our Solutions

The projects SCSP develops for its clients are the result of a combination of contemporary scientific achievements and years of practical experience in security management. The planning and implementation of the projects as well as the follow-up control are work of well-established international experts.

Critical Infrastructure Protection

Safe City

Cyber Security

Corporate Security and Corporate Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence

Products and Services

We offer innovative products at the best price-quality ratio. Our services are based on the latest scientific achievements and developments, combined with years of experience and professional capabilities of leading security experts. We can offer you:

Security and intelligence systems and equipment

Development and implementation of comprehensive security projects

Information services

Project management

Security training

Security consulting

Our Partners

Why To Choose Us

Know-how and proven experience in the field of security and Intelligence

The latest technological solutions in the field of security, developed by leading security companies

Products and services covering highest international standards

Tailor made security solutions

Quality and efficiency

Quality Certificate

We have ISO 9001 quality certificate (click on the picture to see it full size):


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