About Us

The company is established with the understanding that the basis of business is the process of jointly creating value with the client. That’s why the solutions we offer are not just good for everyone. They bring the user unique value according to his needs.

To achieve this, our activity is built on the basis of creativity, innovation, flexibility and high quality of the products and services. These are the company’s leading values.

The company was founded and managed by Tsvetlin Yovchev. He has many years of experience in the security services of the Republic of Bulgaria. He held the positions Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior, Chairman of the State Agency for National Security, Advisor to the Prime Minister of National Security and Head of the President’s Office. He has a Doctorate degree in “Theory of Scientific Information”, a Master’s degree in Economics and a Master’s degree in “Technical Sciences”. He has successfully completed specializations and courses in Homeland Security, crisis management, strategic analysis and others.

We perceive the concept that people with their ability and motivation are at the heart of success. Our efforts are aimed at building and maintaining intellectual assets based on a knowledge management system.

Quality Certificate

We have ISO 9001 quality certificate (click on the picture, to see it full size):