Privacy Notice


1. Introduction

1.1. For Us
We are: Safe City Security Projects Ltd. We are located at 35, Stniakovo Blvd., office 2. You
can contact us by phone: + 359 2 473 8773 and e-mail address for
In fulfillment of our duties as a personal data administrator, you can contact us at 35,
Sitnyakovo Blvd., office 2, by phone: + 359 2 473 8773 and e-mail address for

1.2. Purpose of the document
We acknowledge that it is important for you to understand how we collect, store, share
and use information about our employees, customers, vendors and parthers, which is
personal data. Therefore, through this Privacy Notice we inform you of the processing and
the possibilities for your control as per our European and national legislation.
Please be aware of this document carefully.

The Privacy Notice may be updated periodically, and we will notify you in good time.

1.3. Scope
The message applies to all information containing personal data that is stored or
otherwise processed. The information may be contained in:
Documents, letters and more

1.4. Addressees
The addressees of this document are the persons whose information we process in
connection with the services we provide.

2. Personal data we process
The types of personal data we process will depend on the service we provide to you.
Types of personal data will typically include, but can not be limited to:

• Names and contact details, phone, email, etc .;

The provision of your personal information is in most cases necessary to enter into a
contract with us or to comply with the applicable law. If you do not provide us with such
information, we may not be able to execute the contract with you (we will inform you when
information is required).

Legal basis and purposes of processing your personal information
We use your personal data for several purposes, which are detailed in sections 2.2 and
2.3 below. Section 2.1 lists the legal basis for the processing of your personal data.

2.1. Legal basis for processing
When we process your personal data, we do so only if there is reason to do so. In
addition, the processing of special categories of personal data (including data related to
health, sexual life, racial or ethnic origin or religious beliefs) is always based on an
independent basis.

In most cases, processing your personal information will be on one of the following
concluding and executing contracts;
legal basis;
consent received;

2.2. Targets of processing
The Company may process your personal data for the following purposes:
concluding and executing a contract;
making offers, documents and letters
staff selection;
fulfillment of labor and official legal relationships, etc.

2.3. Establishment, exercise and protection of legal claims
The company may process your personal data for the purposes of establishing,
exercising and protecting potential legal claims.

3. Automated decision making and profiling
The company does not perform processing for automated decision making, including

4. Sources of personal data
Basically, the personal data we process for you, will be provided by you when signing
or performing our contracts.

5. Storing personal data
Our general approach is to keep personal data for as long as necessary to meet the
purpose for which it was collected by us or provided by you, including within the
applicable legal timeframe.

For more information about our storage practices, please request information at
the email address for correspondence:

6. Disclosure and transfer of personal data
For the purposes listed above, we may share your personal data with accountancy
service providers.

7. Security of your personal data
We undertake reasonable physical, technical and administrative security
standards designed to protect your personal data from loss, abuse, alteration, destruction
or damage as required by our national law.

You also play an important role in protecting the security of your personal data,
and you need to keep track of who you disclose your personal data and how you protect
your communications and devices.

8. Your rights
The Company will take steps in accordance with applicable law to assist you in
exercising the rights of the data subject. With respect to the processing of your personal
data, you have the following rights:
• ask us for information about the particular type of personal data stored for you,
the time limits for their storage, and the persons or categories of persons who have access
to them;
• request a correction of the personal data or part of it provided by you;
• ask for deletion (exercise of the “right to be forgotten”);
• withdraw your consent to have your personal data processed;

• to oppose to the processing of your personal data;
• ask for portability of personal data from one administrator to another, etc.

For the exercise of these rights, except for your right of appeal, please contact us
at the following:
Address: Sofia, 35 Sitnyakovo Blvd., office 2
Phone: + 359 2 473 8773
email address for correspondence:

We will provide you with detailed information on how to exercise your rights.

Please note that we may request proof of identity. We will endeavor to respond to
your request within the applicable deadlines – within one calendar month of receipt of
the request, which may be extended by a further two months, taking into account the
complexity and the number of requests. In the case of an extension, we will notify you and
give you the reasons for the extension.

9. Contact Us
If you have any questions or concerns about the processing of your personal data or
wish to exercise any of your rights, please contact us at the following email address: