Our Solutions

The projects SCSP develops for its clients are the result of a combination of contemporary scientific achievements and years of practical experience in security management. The planning and implementation of the projects as well as the follow-up control are work of well-established international experts.

Critical Infrastructure Protection

We develop comprehensive critical infrastructure protection solutions covering all stages and aspects:

  • GAP analysis;
  • Risk Assessment;
  • Security plan;
  • Development of physical protection systems;
  • Crisis Action Plans;
  • Concepts for organizing and managing the security units;
  • Educational and training programmes and security employees training.

Safe City

The solutions are based on the implementation and integration of innovative security technologies, shared capabilities and resources, a common security concept and unified management. With our solutions, we offer:

  • Protection of buildings and facilities;
  • Secure Mega Event;
  • An integrated platform for shared information resources from different sources;
  • Urban Security Intelligence;
  • Shared information resources integrated platform;
  • Citizen Security Advisory;
  • Integrated Command and Control Center – C4I.

Information and cyber security

Solutions have been developed by leading companies and have been tested in practice over an extended period of time. We can offer the best in the field of:

  • Information security concepts and programs;
  • Cyber defense systems:
    • Monitoring the communication environment and the end devices;
    • Identification of real-time alarm events;
    • Counteracting attacks and protecting information assets;
    • Investigation of attacks.

Corporate Security and Corporate Intelligence

We offer comprehensive solutions that cover all activities on:

  • Physical protection of people and assets;
  • Protection of the sustainability and continuity of the main functions and working processes;
  • Crisis Management;
  • Internal investigations;
  • Counteracting fraud and money laundering;
  • Counter espionage;
  • Protection of intellectual property and corporate reputation.

Competitive Intelligence

In the field of competitive intelligence, we support our clients in the activities of building and maintaining a competitive advantage:

  • Model of the business environment and competitive forces;
  • Monitoring of the business environment processes;
  • Analysis and forecasts;
  • Strategic and tactical solutions.